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The Roost Vol 1. Issue 3

Image of The Roost Vol 1. Issue 3


Australian Only

The ending of a season and the start of another. This issue takes in everything from December and January, all the races, long days on track and the celebrations the new year brings. You will notice there are dual covers with this issue, so, take your pick. The content within is the same you only have to choose which sweet cover takes your fancy. Featuring all the action, full account and all the best pics from the first round of nationals at Buller. For the first time we feature a nutrition and fitness section, starting from the beginning expect to see more in the future. We take a look into the Whyte 929 trail hardtail and of course the interview. We talk to Jack Haig as he works with the duality of being both a mountain and road racer and rider. In short a top notch issue.

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